Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Legalizing Cannibus

Is marijuana ever going to get legalized? I feel like marijuana should just get legalized, whos with me?
If so many people do it and its in use for medical reasons, why not just legalize it to everybody?
Were human and i think we can choose our own path in life. And if the government isnt trying to legalize it, then why can you vote on legalizing it in your own state? that would just cause more and more problems and trying to get peoples hopes up for legalizing it isnt helping either. god the government has become screwed these days.
I know legalizing it wont solve many problems but people deal drugs anyways and legalizing it could solve some of the recession problems.

Make some changes America!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ok so everyday of my life, i go up and go to the campus cafeteria...on the way there, there is this "asian dorm" where most asians go. I dont know why they like to be secluded but ALL the asians go there
So outside of their dorm, there is always a big group of asians smoking together...like they plan it out
Its not like a group of 3, its more like a group of 20. wtf? Why the hell would you wanna have a big smoking group, its just way to funny to me. I guess its like ride or die...gotta do everything together...even smoke

Can someone tell me why?? Im pretty sure that asian smokers are a big part of american pollution contributors.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday Nights

Some say weekends are the best, which i do agree. Some say drinking is the best, which also might be true, but asians have one big disadvantage...they cant hold their liquor. One sip of it and they have the "asian glow", which is when an asian turns bright red. Can't hide it wortha shit. so gayyy

I think they should come out with a new drink that doesnt make asians glow so it doesnt look so obvious. It'll make millions. Just saying.

And i had dinner with some friends and my friend A told this attrctive girl to eat dinner with us. We all talked for a bit except my friend B. HE was dead silent for the whole dinner until we were ready to go. The one comment he said to the very attractive girl was, " WOW! your gonna finish that whole apple by yourself????"...smh
Were college students...they should have "how to talk to girls 101"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Being Asian =/

My life is too asian.
I go to washington state university and i speak pretty damn good english.

Life is pretty bro, sippin natty lights, gettin dome, you know the whole situation. I wish i can just get some dome right now...ya feel me?

School is a bitch, but the dorm life is sweet. Highschool was fun but college is pretty much the time of your life. Our dorm needs to stop beating off =/