Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday Nights

Some say weekends are the best, which i do agree. Some say drinking is the best, which also might be true, but asians have one big disadvantage...they cant hold their liquor. One sip of it and they have the "asian glow", which is when an asian turns bright red. Can't hide it wortha shit. so gayyy

I think they should come out with a new drink that doesnt make asians glow so it doesnt look so obvious. It'll make millions. Just saying.

And i had dinner with some friends and my friend A told this attrctive girl to eat dinner with us. We all talked for a bit except my friend B. HE was dead silent for the whole dinner until we were ready to go. The one comment he said to the very attractive girl was, " WOW! your gonna finish that whole apple by yourself????"...smh
Were college students...they should have "how to talk to girls 101"

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